Thursday, December 30, 2010

His Masters' Music/Hangover Cure

I write to music. I don't like to write without it.

I tried several options and they just didn't make me happy.

So, early this morning, I held my breath and made a deal with Howard Stern.

I'm very happy now that I did.

This is a late Christmas present to me. From me. And that's okay with me.

Now I have all the tunes that I want, and entertainment, news, discussion, weather,etc.

I like it all...well, I'm not so sure about Howard, or Dr. Laura (she's coming in January) or Oprah.

But hey...that just allows me to branch out.

And I might just do that.

"Come here, little black Toto dog...did you bring me some more music to listen to?...You did...Oh, good dog."



Another thing the Dog Star brought me today is a preliminary list of cures for the inevitable New Year's Day HANGOVER!

If you don't drink alcohol on New Year's Eve, then goodie for you. But a lot of people will invariably toss back a few...followed by more than a few. And for those of you who's the list:

Doctor Radio’s “Hangover Helpers”:

*Eat breakfast in a dark room.
*Drink a virgin Bloody Mary with extra Tabasco sauce.
*Chew on celery sticks.
*Take a New Year’s Day run.
*Eat pickled herring.
*Drink very strong tea with honey and cucumbers.
*Munch on bread with peanut butter.
*Drink lots of seltzer water and eat fatty foods.
*Get up early – sleeping late and laying in bed is a recipe for feeling like crud all day. Get up early, drink a lot of water, take some aspirin and get to it.

I think Dr. Radio is a masochist with a strange diet. He strikes me as being one of those people who doesn't hit the booze very often.

Then again, maybe his advice will work.

But just between you and me, I think the combination of cucumbers and pickled herring is a little scary.

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