Sunday, December 05, 2010

Only One Thing Will Stop The Truth

This comment (posted by me) originally appeared on the Oregonian newspaper website:

Kyron is the victim of a crime: Every adult that he counted on to keep him safe, didn't. That's the bottom line.

I've read many of the comments here. The more I read, the more I shake my head. None of us will ever post anything that will bring Kyron back. But I admire those of you who sincerely care about this situation.

I "meet" people like you through the comments on my blog. But I also get introduced to balderdash from people who don't like what I write (including one person who just wants me to "take down" my blog, altogether). I have maintained the blog since 2004 and I'll never discontinue it under any circumstances.

I won't stop praying for Kyron, either. Because I believe that God will never stop loving that boy.

The fact is, we are just a group of heartbroken, angry, frustrated people who don't know exactly what to do to help Kyron. So we send our opinion balloons into requests floating up to wishing stars...and we continue hoping as fate's clock ticks through another day.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year and we're all having fun. So it's tough to peek through the glitter and happy gatherings and see Kyron's face on a faded poster. Oregon's son is gone and we still can't figure out how to bring him home.

This shouldn't happen at Christmastime. It never should have happened at all.

At this point, I think that exposure is a good idea. Send Kyron's information everywhere that you can. Post fliers in rest areas, libraries, grocery stores, truck stops...anywhere that people will congregate or travel through.

The wheels of justice WILL turn...nothing will ever stop that. The only thing that will stop the truth from blooming is...apathy. Don't let THAT be the last thing that you hand to Kyron Horman this Christmas...or in the new year.

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