Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remember Lindsey Jo Baum Today

Photo Courtesy Of Cranky Crankerson

At 4pm Pacific Time, there will be a vigil for Lindsey Jo Baum, who vanished over 18 months ago.

Lindsey, the pretty young girl with the sweet smile and floppy hat, is involved in a disgraceful controversy right now. A bitter debate that, Lindsey, God bless her, may know nothing about.

And it's making me sad to compose this post, but I'm writing it, anyway.

Because Lindsey, who has barely gotten a fair start in life, is being pushed aside by some very cold-hearted people. Those cretins in her home town, where she disappeared, are posting hateful words on Internet media message boards. They don't care how her mother and family feel this Christmas.

But they should.

Ken Schram explains the current controversy in the video below. Click on the white button to watch it.

Please stop and say a prayer for Lindsey Baum and her family today. If they can't get love from their own neighbors this Christmas, perhaps they will get it from you.

For more information about Lindsey Jo Baum, scroll down the right sidebar on this blog. Read the story and watch the videos. Thank you.

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