Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sir Paul Did It All...

(I now have a better version of the video)

I watched Paul McCartney on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and I loved every minute of his talent. His straight-man act during the skits was hilarious. And when he performed with the band, Sir Paul really rocked the house!

McCartney is defiantly thumbing his nose at any psychotic fan with a violent agenda. His appearance last night and at the Apollo Theater in New York City this Monday, is sending a powerful message. Sir Paul McCartney will NOT be taken down by anybody in The Big Apple.

When Paul invited the SNL audience to join in his rendition of "Give Peace A Chance" I smiled. And I bet that somewhere last night, the spirit of John Lennon was smiling, too.

So was Rita.

That last sentence will remain a private joke.

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