Tuesday, December 14, 2010

United For Kyron Horman

Eight-year-old Kyron Horman is a very famous missing boy who has brought many people together.

A lady that I have never met is on my friend list on Facebook.

We were drawn together by our mutual concern for Kyron.

The chain of people who have bonded together to find that one child is very long now.

And I doubt that whomever took Kyron, in the first place, had any idea that this sort of thing would happen.

But it has.

Kyron Richard Horman now represents every single boy and girl who's missing in the United States. He holds the lantern for every lost child. And like I posted previously: Kyron is not only famous now, he's powerful, as well.

He is responsible for gathering complete strangers together in a common bond of faith, hope and love.

My new Facebook friend added some very beautiful graphics to a photograph of Kyron. Then she wrote a poem for him. Her son drew a picture on a prayer card for Kyron. And I've decided to post them here.

*A Christmas Wish For Kyron*

Kyron with his smile so bright

I wish he'd come home tonight

With Christmas approaching fast

How long will his suffering last?

I would move the moon and stars

To have Kyron back where we are...

Opening his presents

Laughing and Saying, "Merry Christmas"

Kyron's eye's sparkle and gleam

How could anyone harm him, be so mean?

We Love You Kyron, from afar

And we are with you, no matter where you are

God bring Kyron home

For our love for him remains deep and strong

Not a day goes by

That I don't think about Kyron and wonder why

May he find his way home soon

Let Kyron live and bloom

God Grant me this wish today:

Let Kyron come home On Christmas Day!

Graphic editing and poem by T. Ashley

Prayer Card Drawing by T.'s Son


Anonymous said...

Your poem and drawings are lovely. God, please bring Kyron home soon -- no questions asked.
From Another Mom in California

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Mom in California:

You may be from California, but didn't you post your comment from the State of Kansas?

Yes, Kyron can be dropped off in a safe place. No questions asked.

I suggest a church building where there are no cameras. Kyron can just walk in the church office and get assistance.