Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christina-Taylor Green

Christina-Taylor Green With Her Mother, Roxanna

The Funeral Details

UPDATE: Christina-Taylor's Organs Donated To Boston Girl

Christina-Taylor Green

This is not goodbye, Christina-Taylor. It's see you, later. And if someone, somewhere, smacks a baseball into the sky and it disappears...I know that it will go straight to you.

[I retain all rights to this picture. All rights are permanently reserved.]

I created this picture via a computer in 2008. I am now giving it to Christina-Taylor. This picture will never be used for anyone else. It will belong to Christina-Taylor from now on. This picture will have a permanent place on my blog. And everyone will know that it belongs to the girl who might have been the best female baseball player in the United States.


Carmella Green said...

This is just so beautiful, please family of christina stay strong! and all who know and lover who are mourning for her. she truly was, is, and always will be one of the truly brightest girl america has ever heard of in 2011! though she couldn't live through the hole 2011, actually it's just begun when she died. but atleast she got to party for the new year :) but as i was saying, though she couldn't her memory's will live on THROUGHOUT 2011!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Yes, Carmella. Christina will live on...her memory will always include many honors...including one from the President of these United States.
I didn't know her personally, but through the media I have seen Christina as an amazing, smart and spunky young lady.
Christina will always represent what America is all about.
Thank you for your comment, Carmella.

Carmella Green said...

Oh yes, I know her either but I do know our last name's are the same! She seems like a VERY lovely in representing america, I want to be like christina taylor-Green! -You're welcome (:

Kaylee pothsem said...

Good luck and stay strong Green family, we are supporting you! And may you're daughter be remembered and have one heck of a funeral! :)

Ruthie In The Sky said...

This is Christina's day. And all of the love that so many people feel for her...I hope will carry on in many good ways, througout the rest of this year. People can do random acts of kindness in Christina's memory.
Thank you for the comment, Kaylee.