Friday, January 07, 2011

He's Not Yours

Kyron Horman With StepDAD Tony Young


*"Fireflies" By Owl City, is Kyron's Favorite Song*

Recently, I was asked to post a request for worldwide prayers for missing eight-year-old Kyron Horman.

But I am sure that people all over the world are already praying for Kyron.

After I received the request, I asked myself, "Is one prayer, from a person in one geographic location, more important than another?"

I'm sure that God hears all of our prayers. And I believe that He's even heard Kyron's prayers.

And at this point in time, I DON'T believe it is God's fault that Kyron is still missing.

I believe that Kyron's continued absence is directly related to the stupidity of mortal human beings.

Stupid, selfish, shortsighted, bitter, small minded chunks of humanity that don't want to let a good thing go.

Meanwhile, it's just making things worse for Kyron.

Nooo...don't give me all your "but, but..." bullshit.

That boy has a family that HE NEEDS to go back to. Period.

A lady sent me a comment today and stated: "I hope whomever took (Kyron) reads your blog & grows a pair. Bring him back, I don't give a damn who or what you are. Go the coward's way out & drop him off somewhere safe so he can ask someone for help & then you can run! Leave! Hide!"

Well, there you go, the door's open...

Just drop Kyron off in a safe location. He's not yours. You have to give him back now.

So that next Summer, Oregon's Son, will once again be free, to chase his beloved fireflies.

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Linda Novak said...

Thank you Ruthie for posting "Fireflies" by Owl City! It means a great deal to me. My mother was in the hospital since New Years Day on a respirator with pneumonia & was sedated. Thank God she came home yesterday. The first thing she asked me when I went to see her after she pulled out the tube from her respirator in the hospital was "Have they found Kyron?" She didn't ask about anyone else but Kyron! He has become like a family member to so many. He's SOOOOO loved. God Bless him & keep him safe till he finds his way back home. Again, Thank you Ruthie from the bottom of my heart!!!!
Your fan forever!
Linda Novak