Friday, January 14, 2011

Less Is Insane

The following video was made by Jared Lee Loughner, himself:

Loughner/Timeline To Shooting

I posted it before and I'm posting it again: Jared Lee Loughner isn't insane, he's evil.

[ Update: According to an article in this morning's Washington Post (online), the clerk at the Motel 6 where Loughner checked-in the night before the shootings, had this reaction: The clerk told investigators about being "scared" and that "he (Loughner) gave off an aura that frightened me." ]

Pure evil feels like that...a bad vibe that makes the other person back away.

If Loughner was insane last Saturday morning, he wouldn't have planned everything out as well as he did.

I believe that the person who wrote the above article is absolutely right. Jared Lee Loughner knew exactly what he was doing and checked off each item as he went along.

And when he was done, he gathered everything together, took a cab to the Safeway grocery store and then opened fire.

Talking heads on early morning TV news shows are claiming that Loughner couldn't help it. They link his bad behavior to a case of mental illness gone wild.

I disagree.

I think that Jared Lee Loughner planned to go out in what he considered a to be a bullet-riddled blaze of glory. But he miscalculated the courage of some of the people there. And he was tackled before he got the chance to ultimately get nailed by the cops or turn his gun on himself.

He wanted to die famous. But he also had an evil agenda. Some sort of satanic demon threw out Loughner's soul and took over his spirit. That demon pushed Jared Lee Loughner, with his cold desire to kill, into the Safeway parking lot.

Now, one week later, it is very obvious to me that Jared Lee Loughner should get the death penalty. Period.

To get less than that, in my opinion, would be insane.

The video below was posted yesterday. While it is true that the speaker isn't all flash-and-dazzle...he is, in my opinion, absolutely right in what he says. This is a point to consider. Seriously.

If you want to send me a comment about this, feel free to do so.

Also, check out Jared Lee Loughner's altar here.

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