Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let Us Live In Peace

I originally posted this on January 10th. I am reposting it because I think this post says everything that I want to say about the shootings in Arizona.

I sent this email to someone this morning:

My intention, once I heard about the upcoming meeting, was to
contact you and tell you about what happened to me here in Bozeman.

I wanted to talk about injustice, discrimination and hating. And then
that shooter let loose in Arizona. And now, once again, we are all
reminded of what those ugly words mean.

It is difficult for me to understand, in this quiet hour of 5am, why
some people choose to be so bad. But I believe that it is time to work
a little harder to spread the message of love. We need to scatter the
seeds of peace a bit farther out in the garden. Because what we
harvest is crucial to our quality of life.

I was the victim of outright injustice and discrimination when I came
to this City. I was railroaded by a so-called writer with a very bad
agenda. I was filleted alive in this City's twisted Court of Public
Opinion. And I actually received a hand-written letter, filled with
hate, in the mail. The letter wasn't signed and did not include a
return address.

When I heard about little Christina-Taylor Green's life and her
subsequent death in Tucson...I became very sad. What a terrible waste
of a beautiful human being. She had so much potential!

It just doesn't seem fair that a madman survives after innocent lives are gone.

It isn't easy to accept the fact, that among the good people in this
City, there are still those who are very hateful.

No one will ever win as long as the situation stays this way.

So, I hope that your group (which sounds very nice) will continue to
do its best to make this part of the world a better place.

After this weekend, we are left with flags at half-staff, candles in
front of a grocery store and the sad task of saying goodbye.

I truly believe that we, as a Society, can and must do much better.

All of the hope that we have in this Country depends on how much each
of us gives from our heart.

Perhaps, as we take care of business today, we should remember what life is all about. And then dedicate this day to those who deserved a better chance...and never got it.

Ruth Rader

"Let Us Live In Peace"

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