Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Missing Link Stinks, Updated

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Dead Doves Have Fallen In Italy

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Digging The Rumor Hole To China

According to ABC News:[Authorities have also taken Athel Scott, a cab driver, in for questioning after finding his phone number on Wheeler's cell phone.

Scott says he doesn't know how his number got on Wheeler's phone, but he says he does remember seeing him.

"I seen him one day by the Hotel du Pont and one day I seen him at the train station going inside that little store, that's all I know," Scott said.]

One Fish, Two Fish, Red (Herring) Fish, Dead Fish

Updated Information About John Wheeler Case

Yes? No? Maybe? The Debate Continues

Mass Crab Death In UK

Huffington Post Coverage Of Dead Birds/Fish

CNN Coverage Of John Wheeler's Death

When I started reading the stories about the birds and fish that are dying in large numbers...I came across a discussion. And that discussion led to another and then another and still another...all essentially saying the same thing: There is a tie between that recent situation and the death of John Wheeler.

I don't care what is said about a house and a neighbor and smoke bombs...I'll never believe that was the root cause of Mr. Wheeler's death.

And if the police end up saying that Mr. Wheeler died from gun shot wounds or another weapon, I won't believe that, either. He was dead when he was caught on that security camera. He was a dead man walking. Someone had already messed with him and that's why he was acting so erratic.

I wonder if John Wheeler was the victim of "his own machine."
Maybe he was poisoned by something that took a certain amount of time to finally bring him down.

At this point, I am inclined to believe the other people who feel that Mr. Wheeler knew something, related to the recent mass death of birds and fish, and someone didn't want him to say anything about it.

I expect some readers to refute my position...of course THEY will...but this is my belief and I am sticking to it.

There is a missing link here. And like the dead birds and fish...and poor John Wheeler when he was found in that landfill...that link stinks. It is the unmistakable scent of corruption wrapped in a cover up.

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