Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One More Song...

This was originally posted in an online forum today:

This may not be considered a proper post for this forum. But I'm going to post it, anyway. Something tells me that Sir Paul won't mind.

My Country is in mourning, tonight. We are sad, angry, confused and looking for justification for what happened this past Saturday in Tucson,
Arizona. But there isn't any way to justify what happened.
So now we are just looking for justice.

But first, we will go through the rest of the stages that grief requires.

I remember Sir Paul coming to New York City. How we honored the memory of John Lennon once again. Christmas passed into the New Year and we were feeling good enough to poke fun at Grampa Mac.

And then Saturday morning came and in the space of a few terrible minutes, everything changed. Now, my Country is back in that serious zone, again.

I know that Paul McCartney is familiar with the Tucson area. He probably knows about Saturday's tragedy.

The reason that I'm posting this here is because I remember Good Ol' Grampa Mac flashing the peace sign. I heard him say, "Give peace a chance. Right now!"
Those were his words after he sang the song on "Saturday Night Live."

Well, we need some peace here in the United States. We sure do.

John Lennon was shot on a New York street. Now, once again, a wild-eyed pistol-waver has taken away many innocent lives. One of the victims was a nine-year-young girl.

Grampa Mac once recorded a ditty about "silly love songs."
Well, tonight, I'm here to say that we need all of those love songs that we can get.

So, Sir Paul, all kidding aside, if you have one or two more love songs in you that you want to share with the is the time.

Mr. McCartney, you are not too old to write a love song that will make people stop and think. I believe that my Country is ready to hear that love more time.


Click the button on the video and then click the link to listen to the song on YouTube. It will be worth it. The music, recorded back in 1971, is beautiful.

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