Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taking It In The Tooth, UPDATE

Saturday Evening, Feb. 19, 2011:

UPDATE: I am updating the date on this post and also giving you an update on my "Fun With Dentistry."

I took all of the antibiotic and then went back to the dentist a few days ago. I was ushered back to a room where I sat on a lounge and waited for the worst. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATER (to the second, mind you) that poor, beleaguered dentist FINALLY extracted my problem tooth. I am not exaggerating, people. It took the dentist and her assistant, a set of tools and a sizable drill ALL of that time to remove my bad chomper.

At one point, during the ordeal, the dentist switched tools and I managed to quip: "Right now I have more things in my mouth than Charlie Sheen at a porno party."

I warned her that my teeth are deeply-rooted in my gums before she even began. But, she already knew the situation after looking at my x-rays.

In the end, that woman and her assistant, used everything but a crowbar and a sand-blaster to remove that freaking tooth!

Now I have a hole in my gum that is slowly beginning to heal.

I got my first bill from the dentist, as well, the other day. I liked what I saw at the bottom of the balance column: "$0.00."

That made me smile. Insurance is a wonderful thing.

And now that I have some excellent coverage again, I am going to get a full dental screen, including x-rays, a cleaning, repairs, etc. over the course of the next four months.

So I guess I will be staying here for awhile, after all, Rosie. Montana has handed me an opportunity that is too good to pass up. I believe I shall take full advantage of it. Yeehaw!

My prescription coverage is wonderful as well. And I am hoping that it will hold-out long enough to get all of my long overdue upgrades completed.

I am going to see my primary care physician for the first time very soon. I am looking forward to meeting that nice lady who smiled at me from a photo on her website.

In between everything, I will explore my vision options, too.

This will all be for the best. Yeah. Just imagine me in six months: I will be Ruthie...redesigned.


Tuesday Afternoon:

UPDATE: I bet wrong. I thought that the visit to the ER and the penicillin would calm everything down. It didn't. I wasn't able to see a dentist until this morning.
By that time, my face was as swollen as a major league ballplayer's with a plug of chew in his cheek.

And after the dentist took some x-rays and poked around in my mouth for a bit, she refused to go any further. She said that I have a doozey of an infection and I will have to take a high-powered antibiotic for the next ten days. After which, when I return for my next appointment, she will finally pull my tooth.

In other words, right now I am too sick to handle an extraction. I am tired. It took just about everything out of me to do my shopping today, after I left the dentist. My body is fighting a war and I have taken every precaution: I bought fresh fruit, veggies, Immune Defense Emergen-C, a strong mouthwash and a top-of-the-line toothpaste!

I haven't been this sick in years. What mystifies me is the fact that it's happening NOW. I have hung-out on the street (literally sleeping on the sidewalk) on West Burnside in Portland, Oregon...sharing facilities with dozens of other homies...and I never dealt with anything like this!

But after I left the dentist today and spent $44.00 (yes, that much) on a prescription at Wally World, I came home and got a surprise. It turns out that my people got all of the information that they needed and finally granted me full-coverage medical insurance.

I looked at the letter and laughed. What else could I do?

I didn't have to shell-out that money today but I didn't get the notice until I came back today.

But that's alright. I am just happy that I now have full medical coverage. My people grandfathered it back to January 1. So that means that the ambulance ride, the visit to the ER is covered and so is the dental visit.

Yes, I am still sick. And it will be awhile before I get my strength back but I have faith that I will heal and be well again.

I am in the midst of getting approval for paid door-to-door transportation. That means that I won't have to pay a cab or mess around with bus-routes to see the doctor or go to the store.

For the next week for so, until I recover, I won't be online as often as I usually am.

I plan to spend more time sleeping with my stuffed moose, watch junk TV and take invigorating walks outdoors.

I'll keep you posted on what happens next.


Saturday Night:

UPDATE: The pain finally became too much to bear. And I ended up at the hospital.

I called for an ambulance because the pain was excruciating and I couldn't get to the hospital any other way. But the paramedics were very kind and they agreed that when I called them, I made the right choice.

Now I am feeling better, partly because I'm in far less pain and also because I have some very strong antibiotics.

I am betting that at this time tomorrow night, I will be feeling one-hundred percent better.

I wasn't able to see a dentist. However, I do have a plan to contact one on Monday. I have an infection, there is no two ways about it. And it is the worst dental infection that I've ever had in my life.

But the Doc shot my gum full of Novocaine, gave me a script for pain medication and handed me the strong antibiotics.

I'll be alright. It was a terrible day but tomorrow should be better, especially after the antibiotics really kick-in.

I will keep you posted on what happens next.


Friday Night:

Ooooooh. I have been suffering with a toothache all night. And if it wasn't for the Ibuprofen, Halls peppermint drops and Lipton tea bags...I would be screaming for someone to take me to the emergency room.

I never realized that you can take a Lipton tea bag, dip it in warm water and then stick it between the affected area and your cheek...and it will actually make the sore gum feel better. But it does.

But when it is in my mouth, it reminds me of chewing tobacco! Amazing.

The Halls peppermint drops help, for some mysterious reason, to take the pain away. I have no idea why.

The Ibuprofen is keeping the swelling down and helping to ease the pain,too.

I've spent half of the night perusing home remedies for toothaches, online.

Now I know that I need to arrange a visit with a dentist (that will be taken care of today) and eat garlic and vitamin C. I also need to get an onion and some clove oil.

My toothache didn't gradually evolve, it struck out of nowhere late yesterday afternoon.

But I've had root-canals and extractions before, so I pretty much know the drill.

Umm...drill...(whimper)...maybe I shouldn't say that word.

I will keep you posted on what happens today in my quest to resolve my dental problem.

Meanwhile, if you have a suggestion for me to try to either ease the pain or fight the infection...send me a comment. :)

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