Saturday, January 22, 2011

Terri Moulton Horman's Fading Photograph

I updated the post (regarding the missing photos in my blog) this morning. And then I scrolled down to the bottom of the post and saw this comment:

["When you mentioned edited photos, I thought I should let you know that many of TH's bodybuilding photos are "disappearing" from the web. I think someone wants to keep TH from appearing to have worked out for 4-6 hours/day from 2003-2005."]

I've decided to post this response:

Ms. Terri "Meltdown" Moulton:

Nobody, who is worth a damn, cares if ALL of your photos disappear from the Internet. ONE photo of you, bitch, is enough for the world to see.

We, the good, decent, loving and caring people in this world, care about the fact that Kyron HAS DISAPPEARED.

So you "worked-out" years ago. Big Deal. It never did a thing for your conscience.

While you posed, pumped iron and built-up your muscles...your capacity to truly love anyone shriveled away and died.

Put THAT, the previous sentence, in the spotlight with your pathetic self, slut.

You focused all of your attention on greasing up and trying to grab headlines. But when you were given the privilege of caring for one, precious little went stone blind.

NOW you're in the headlines. But not for the reason that you hoped for.

You couldn't cut it as a bodybuilder and you can't be a real mother, either. Oh yeah, you chased a physical trophy and only got fourth-rate kudos.

NOW that you've let go of a beautiful, priceless've earned the first-rate disdain of millions of people around the world.

You watched Kyron grow and flourish, in a way that you never will. He drew, painted, sang and lived every day on a level that you will never reach.

And you looked at those old photographs of yourself, getting in touch with your masculine side, and you couldn't keep up with Kyron.

Then, on the fourth day of June, he reminded you one more time...that you could bench-press for a billion years and never bypass the spirit in that boy.

Then something red and hating exploded inside of you and you pointed your anger straight at Kyron.


Now it isn't Kyron who's's YOU. You, Terri Moulton, are hiding from yourself.

Kyron has to come home. And YOU have to come to grips, not with a set of weights but with reality.

You won't ever be truly strong, in any sense of the word, until you admit what you did and bring Kyron back.

You've lost Kaine, you've lost Kiara and you've about lost yourself.

You're a loser, Terri.

Why don't you step over to the winning side for once and bring Kyron home?

Don't be like Jared Loughner and cut down an innocent child. Put down the barbells, grow some Amazon backbone and bring Kyron back.

Do it and I promise you that the photo of HIS happy, thankful face will be preserved forever.


Ruthie In The Sky said...

"You're faaaaaaading, wicked witch, oh what a world, what a world..."


Talk is cheap. Make something happen that's really worth it:

Bring Kyron Back.

P.S.--Hey, Belle, are you drinkin' again?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

BTW, I tried to get that lovely video on YouTube posted on here but the creator won't allow embedding. It's perfect.

"Leave Teri Horman Allloooone...she's not a lesbian...she's a Presbyterian!"

"Out of four bodybuilders, she came in fourrrrrth..."

If anyone is interested, the video is on YouTube. Run a search on 'Terri Horman' and you'll find it. Just look for the guy with the yellow shirt on.