Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trucking And Looking For Kyron!

-PHOTO: KPTV FOX-TV--Portland, Oregon-

KPTV Breaking News
Washington State Patrol's Media Release

The truckers are beginning to band together to find Kyron Horman. And I am grinning.

No one knows those guys (and ladies) on the road better than I do.

I have seen them and they have seen me (for years) while I have hitchhiked beside highways and Interstates across North America.

The drivers for Gordon Trucking have (almost) never picked me up. But their trucks have always been a familiar part of the landscape in fuel lanes, parking lots and rest areas.

And after the trailers are loaded, Gordon Trucking covers a very broad area of the Country.

I am hoping that this latest effort will pay off and one of Gordon's drivers will bring Kyron Richard Horman home.

Thank you, drivers...with all of my heart...from Ruthie On The Road.

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