Sunday, January 02, 2011

You Haven't Changed Anything

-Kyron Horman, running free. The way he should be-

People post about the missing eight-year-old boy, Kyron Horman, every day, on Facebook.

Recently, one Facebook poster declared that, "no one will ever really reach whomever took Kyron."

She explained that "you can't communicate with someone who doesn't think like we do."

I disagree.

In fact, I bet that someone involved with Kyron's disappearance is getting a bit unnerved right about now.

Because there's a fine line between calming ones' conscience and coming clean. And I suppose that someone is struggling with that realization now.

Yeah, a person can shovel all of the snow off of the sidewalk. And sweep the floors from the top of the house to the bottom. He can organize all of the papers in his desk. Or she can create gourmet meals for a week.

Or, a person can hole-up in the house and become immersed in his or her own self-pity. And that person can attempt to find solace in booze and a high-priced lawyer. Yeah, that poor soul can sit on the couch, eat a bullshit sandwich and chase it down with a cup filled with self-pity.

Are any of these people YOU?

Are you reading this?

Many people do read my blog, every day. And now I wonder if one of them IS you.

I don't care what you do. That's your business.

I just want Kyron back.

You've had him long enough. But then, you know that.

Any point that you attempted to prove has long since become moot. I mean, it's one thing to take a kid and hurt his vulnerable family members. It's quite another thing to face me and prove that you did the right thing.

You know you can't do that. Nope. You screwed-up. And that's that.

So now what are you going to do about it?

Do what I told you to do: drop Kyron off at a church. Then vanish.

If you want to play it out that way, go ahead. Anyone that can hide a kid for this long can hide themselves, too.

Release Kyron and then just go away.

Unless, you are part of Kyron's family...
you've done a terrible thing for every wrong reason that Satan ever conjured up.

Then, you've got a problem.

But your problem doesn't belong to an eight-year-old boy. That problem belongs to YOU.

If you and Kyron are still in Oregon, then I can suggest plenty of places where you can drop him off. And you won't be seen.

And to make it easier, give Kyron a cheap cell phone and tell him to punch 911 as soon as you're gone.

Make sure that the phone will be in range of a tower.

That's all you have to do.

And if you actually did something to Kyron...then it's time to tell yourself the truth.

Yes, you read that right.

It's time for YOU to face yourself.

This has nothing to do with Kyron. It never did.

This whole situation is all about you.

And now, after all that you've done...nothing is any better, is it?

You haven't changed anything...not even yourself.

Bring Kyron home and finally make a change that WILL matter to you and everyone else.

This isn't a "please" proposition, anymore.

This is just flat-out what you have to do.

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Linda Novak said...

Once again Ruthie, thank you for keeping everyone's sweet boy Kyron's face out there. I hope whomever took him reads your blog & grows a pair. Bring him back, I dont give a damn who or what your are. Go the coward's way out & drop him off somewhere safe so he can ask someone for help & then you can run! Leave! Hide! I'm sure that person can find a rock or island big enough to hide. I have to keep thinking Kyron is still with us. A person just can't vanish without a trace. Something has got to give. Things can only be hidden for so long before it appears.
I was meaning to ask you if you can also include on your playlist Fireflies by Owl City? It's Kyron's favorite. I dowloaded it to my phone in honor of Kyron. I finally saw the video for it on New Years Eve & of course it made me cry. No wonder it's Kyron's favorite. Sweet baby no one will forget you! Come home baby!!!