Saturday, February 05, 2011

Chuckie Sleeze and Lindsay Loser

"You can act just like a fool/and people think yer cool/Just cuz yer on TV/Bein' a celebrity."--From a song by Brad Paisley.


Will somebody PLEASE put Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in a rocket ship to Outer Space...where they belong?

I mean, spare us the rest of their dumb ass behavior.

When I checked Google News this morning, Sheen and Lohan were listed among the "Top Stories". Yes, there they both were...just a few notches below what's going on in Egypt.

Egypt is news. Sheen and Lohan are...well...sensationally stupid.

Chuckie Sleeze and Lindsay Loser belong together. They do! Just not HERE.

I have an idea: If nobody wants to send them both into orbit, then how about shipping them to an uninhabited island somewhere?

That would be funny.

"Survivor Island: Remote Rehab" might actually be worth watching.

Then again...

Just for kicks, I posted a comment about Charlie Sheen on Perez Hilton's website today. Smirk.

The comment was actually published.

And for once, Hilton appears to be a better human being than the addiction-prone kleptomaniac (Lohan) and the dirty, old doper (Sheen) with bad teeth.


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