Monday, February 28, 2011

Gmail Disenchantment

"You're one of the very first people to use Gmail. Your input will help determine how it evolves, so we encourage you to send your feedback, suggestions and questions to us."---Google To Me, April 27, 2004

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Communication. It doesn't appear to be an important part of the Google experience, anymore. It used to be. In fact, it was possible on January 8, 2005 when I contacted and conversed with Amy Iacopi. I bet that someone at Google knows who she is and what her position was back then.

Now, I don't know anybody there. Which shouldn't be an issue...but it is.

It matters because THOUSANDS of Gmail users lost an astounding amount of emails yesterday. Some users couldn't even access their accounts at all.

Many people depend on Gmail. Some folks use Gmail for personal reasons. Others use the Google service for their business correspondence. People have saved everything from poems to photos to portfolios in Gmail.

Everyone felt so safe and secure with Google at the helm. Then yesterday, the gargantuan ship Google, crashed head-on into an Internet iceberg. And the next thing everyone knew, the frantic calls came flooding in...almost as fast as thousands of emails began to sink into the mysterious, murky depths of oblivion.

And from what I understand, this problem isn't limited to Gmail. It's also affected Google Calendar, Google Docs and...

...I could add more of Google's products to the list, but I won't. Not here. Not like this.


After six-years, I think it's time for to me to contact Google, directly, once again.

Google is dealing with quite a few issues right now. And, as sad as it sounds, the Big G might be finally getting to the "Corporation Before Communication" stage.

And that breeds bad karma. Believe does.

Back in early 2005, I managed to exchange emails and phone calls between my home in Oregon with Google's headquarters in California. In the end, I think that it made a real difference and we both came away with a better point of view.

It didn't happen on the first try, but it did happen...eventually.

Of course, the media's interest in my concern, certainly helped to unlock the "Great, Galvanized, Google Gates". And eventually, I reached the "Wizard."

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Now, no one can reach ANYONE directly at Google in one snap. That's why a crowd of people went crazy on the stupid and next-to-useless Google "support" forums last night.

What everyone REALLY needed was: An Official Announcement From Google! I mean, they could have posted a declaration, a progress report, a freaking escape hatch...SOMETHING!!! But they didn't. No, I watched that support forum all last night, as message after frustrated message joined the line-up, online.

I got all of my updates from different media sources. Not from Google. And that's wrong.

Google spends more time playing with it's logo than it does developing an adequate communication link between itself and all of us.

I wonder if that actually even matters to the Big Greed, I mean, Google, anymore.

Google almost seemed to have some semblance of conscience back in 2004-5. Now I wonder if Gmail and Blogger and the infamous search engine were just created as a platform for Google Ads.

I will post updates about the present situation when information becomes available. But I sure don't expect a direct announcement from Google, anytime soon. They are now using the media as their mouthpiece.


Google's Song To Us:

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