Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Kyron And Us--Lost And Found

""Now I'm prepared for the answer no matter how it comes out. I just want to know the answer."--Desiree Young


I am fifty-five years old now and recovering from a terrible tooth, gum, jaw and lymph node infection. And I am very relieved that I am slowly beginning to get better. The heavy-duty medication and my prayers are finally taking all of the bad germs away from me.

And the reason why I am beginning this post with the above update is because I recognize that Kyron Richard Horman may be gone...but I still remain.

That fact has had a tremendous impact on me.

I hope with all of my heart that our "Little Buddy" and Oregon's Son is still alive. But I realize now that Desiree Young, bless her beautiful heart, may be preparing the rest of us for Kyron's death.

Desiree has always impressed me with her caring and courageous spirit. She has always thought about others throughout this whole awful ordeal. As cold and inhuman as Terri Moulton Horman has been, Desiree has radiated a warm, sincere, motherly love.

Yes, I will recover. Even though this is the sickest (with the exception of when I was attacked in Oregon several years ago) that I've been in years. I know that I am alive because God has more for me to do.

Kyron may not come back alive. And if that is the case, there is no forgiveness for taking that little boy's opportunity away. For if someone took his life, he/she not only stole Kyron's years but ripped-off the rest of the world in the process.

If Kyron is truly gone, we will never know what good he might have done. And as I wrote in a previous post, Kyron now holds the lantern for every missing child in the world.

And the glow from that lantern is now illuminating the responsibilities that the rest of us will have to accept. Kyron may have been cheated out of his chance. But we, who survive, can spend the rest of our days making his miracles happen...for him.

YOU, who may have taken Kyron's life, will never win anything but damnation from this situation.

And no matter what is discovered, Kyron's voice will never be silenced. That kid is now famous worldwide. I know. Google and my blog's tracker tell me so. Every day.

Those cronies, slinging comments, on that Oregonian website, no longer know
what they're posting about. Their icicle opinions have poked
so hard into their frozen hearts that their souls have long-since shattered.

They spend their time in their own "sick little clique" and post about Kyron like he's a crime-related commodity instead of an eight-year-young boy.

And I go back to the two moments that grabbed me the most: Kaine Horman, Kyron's father, kneeling with his head bowed by the "Wall Of Hope" and Desiree, Kyron's mother, standing in front of the media and saying, in a heartbroken voice, "I just don't know what else to do."

I know what matters here: The searchers, the cops and the prayers that Kyron's worldwide extended "family" has offered up on his behalf. From family-sponsored events to anonymous financial contributions...every positive effort has reaffirmed the importance of caring about Kyron Horman.

I don't know if the cop-shooting, ex-landscaper from the Waldport area has anything to do with Kyron's disappearance. But I do know that if he knows anything about Kyron's whereabouts, he has one last chance to do something right: Bring Kyron Richard Horman home.

Truly, that isn't too much to ask of anyone...who is still holding onto this precious gift...that we call life.



siriunsun said...

I am soooooo NOT ready to give up on this little boy being found alive. I really hope the police are simply discouraged at the lack of clues and evidence, and not interpreting reality from anything substantial.

siriunsun said...

I also meant to say I am glad u r getting your tooth problem fixed. Such a small part of the body can cause such serious problems.