Friday, February 11, 2011

The Need For Weed

Right now, Montana is making a big deal over medical marijuana~

Montana And Marijuana: Read About It Here

Meanwhile, the State of Colorado is taking a different approach~

Rolling Reefer

Furthermore, Colorado is hosting the next NORML conference April 21-23 in Denver.

Is Montana on the right track?

Is Colorado?

There are many factors to consider here.

One thing is for sure: Nothing that anybody does or doesn't do will ever stop the need for weed.


siriunsun said...

But.....but.....Ruthie! If we legalize marijauna, all those poor drug dealers will be out of business and have to find jobs! They'd have to learn skills! And do real work for a living! And what about the pharmaceutical companies? Do we really want to pose a threat to their inflated profits for medications for pain that can actually be dangerous? And then there is the prison "industry"!'s an industry, nowadays; and it is a moneymaker here. Without making something illegal, we wouldn't have stupid reasons to lock up persons who otherwise would not be criminals! So you see..............? Legalizing marijuana would never, ever work here in America! It would ruin several scams at once!

Ok, pardon my sarcasm. You see what I mean, though, don't you?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You just nailed it, siriunsun. I mean, you spiked it right to the wall! Well put. Kudos!!
To allow marijuana to remain illegal in this Country is ridiculous! The "drug dealers" as you refer to them, could be put to work growing and harvesting weed. They could work in the factories that could synthesize marijuana. That way, a person would have the choice of say, drinking it as tea, eating it in chili or swallowing it as a much-needed pain pill.
From growth to distribution to legal sales, there would be jobs aplenty for many more people.
SCREW the pharmaceutical companies...---damn, the PUSHER MAN! They are the real bogey men here!
Every time I turn on my TV now, there is some commercial airing for a drug that includes a list of usage side-effects that would scare the wits out of any normal person! The pharmaceutical manufacturers aren't doing US any favors! THEY are the ones that are peddeling the dangerous drugs.
And as for the prisons, HUH, those who have either been caught with with marijuana or grew it or distributed it, have no business being there!
They are not criminals!
I am not referring to those who use, manufacture or sell chemical drugs. I am talking about marijuana, period. Marijuana, a natural plant that grows out of the ground like corn.
And no one has proven a darn thing about "brain damage" or "reefer madness", etc. That's all hooey! Mankind has been partaking of the herbish for...well, prolly since the first plant popped out of the
There is no reason why marijuana should remain illegal. That's my view and I'm sticking to it!
One last point: Last night Turner Classic Movies aired the classic movie, "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington."
In that movie, James Taylor (not THAT James Taylor) manipulated people to spread propaganda. The movie showed exactly how he did it: Through print, radio (the movie was filmed in the 30's), fake letters, bogus testimonies, etc. His henchman all made it look real, but it wasn't. It was nothing more than staged balderdash.
That is the way that the campaign against marijuana has been choreographed: Through fake, phony and false declarations designed to fool the public.

siriunsun said...

Here's a question: how much influence do you suppose the mafia might have had, since 1937, at making it unlawful and keeping it unlawful? And then, another question, have you noticed how schools DO NOT teach about all of the propoganda that surrounded making marijuana illegal? When my daughter's elematary school in WV did their little Red Ribbon "drug free" "Character Counts" week, they harped on the badness of marajuana, but no one in the building except for yours truly even knew what year it became unlawful to use and possess it. Incomplete or onesided teaching?

siriunsun said...

Something else: how come no one ever remembers what ALCOHOL PROHIBITION did for our nation?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

It made a lot of money for Old Joe Kennedy.