Sunday, February 06, 2011

Oh Say, Can You Sing It?

Check out the Christian Science Monitor's take on Aguilera's performance .

My team lost the Super Bowl game today. Oh well, I'll get over it. Eventually.

Geez, the way the Steelers played's almost as if they purposely threw the game.

Maybe they did. Maybe they just wanted to hand the trophy over to the Packers and then go eat some chicken wings.

For whatever reason, the Pittsburgh Steelers blew the game. I'll forgive them. Tomorrow.

But I won't forgive Christina Aguilera for screwing-up the words to our National Anthem. That is disgraceful.

She stood there, all painted-up, with that mic in her hand and warbled (she did NOT sing!) and garbled the most precious song that our Country owns.

Shame on her.

Even I know the words to that song!

The National Anthem is a song of honor. It should be sung proudly and respectfully.

Christina Aguilera's version sounded like one of those bad try-outs for "American Idol"!

Perhaps the Super Bowl organizers should stop choosing celebrities to sing our Country's song. Maybe they should just pick an average person, with a decent voice who knows the words and let that person sing!

You know...someone who loves this Country enough to properly and correctly sing about it.

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