Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're Coming, Kyron!

"It's a duty that we will work and work and work until this matter is resolved,"--Chief Deputy District Attorney, Rod Underhill.


KPTV-TV Portland: Coverage


Kyron is coming home. I feel it in my soul. He is.

In one of the most phenomenal missing child cases in history, more attention is being focused on finding Kyron Horman now than when he vanished over eight months ago.

The Department of Justice involvement in this case is warranted. There are several aspects of this situation that have to be investigated.

If DeDe Spicher is linked to Kyron's disappearance, that will pull in questions about the law enforcement from Klamath Falls, Oregon. And the police in that city won't be able to properly run an investigation of DeDe's daddy on their own. That will have to be done by an outside source. In that instance, I'm sure that the DOJ will do just fine.

And then there's Terri Moulton Horman. True, she's remained silent in front of the media cameras. But I don't think that she's been quiet for one day on the Internet. And she's not fooling anybody that sees her behavior for what it really is. I bet she's been under surveillance for a long time. I bet even more that she's being watched now.

Do you think that the DOJ has the legal permission to listen in on Ms. Moulton Horman?

That would be interesting.

I understand that the technology is in place to listen through walls.

Now, if the DOJ was to do something like that...oh my goodness, I wonder what they'd hear...from a land line phone, a cell phone or a whispered chat from inside some one's house?

If Terri Moulton Horman is guilty (she is) then sooner or later (probably sooner) she's going to slip. Maybe her son will slip, too. And one more person, who has tried to remain in the shadows, will slip and then trip, as well. I see that as a very real possibility now.

So I would like to remind the City of Roseburg that the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn't get in the middle of something for some small reason. And if ANYONE in that city knows something about what happened to Kyron Horman, then it's time for that person to come forward.


I would also like to direct this warning to those individuals that have made sick, twisted videos about the Kyron Horman case and then posted those vids on YouTube.
You might want to rethink your creativity. Otherwise, you might just implicate yourself. I am aware of one video in particular. If you don't take it down, you may get more attention than you asked for.

And finally, I would like to send a few words out to the State of Idaho. I'm not going to say why. But if I am right and you read this, then you know that you might be facing a potential problem.

I will write four more words to you, Idaho: Better YOU than ME.

Bring. Kyron. Home.


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