Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ruthie In The Sky, Update

I have so much to write about today! I love it!

First of all, I would like to address the group at the "Psychic Crimefighter" website.

Once again, you folks are taking a keen interest in my blog.

I am aware of what you are looking at. I want to know WHY you are focusing attention on that post over and over again.

What is it about that particular post that you are so stuck on?

If you have a theory as to where Kyron Horman is, for heaven sake, share it!

You are loading up my tracker every day now and I want to know what you are attempting to convey.

YOU are the psychics, I guess, I'm just a person who gets unusual "messages."

Second, I received an interesting email from "Kate." She didn't include a last name but it appears that she may have sent her letter from New Jersey.

Well, Kate, I don't know how "enlightened" I am at this point. But I do know that I would like Kyron to come home. He is a very special little guy who, although he is still missing, has worked magic in the hearts and souls of many people. And I will continue to look for him until he is found.

Third, I am very happy to hear that Congresswoman Giffords is recuperating and eating regular food now. :) Yay!! Gabrielle Giffords is a miracle in the making. Talk about your Phoenix rising from the ashes, she is coming back like a superbird with fearless-feathered wings!

Fourth, I am just soooo sorry that it's snowing a bit in Oklahoma and Arkansas today. But it was -21F (that's 21 degrees below zero, and it was the actual temperature, not the wind chill) here in Bozeman, Montana last night. Yes, that cold, with a matching wind chill of -37F. So... :P Thbzzzzzt!!

Fifth, Charlie Sheen aka Chuckie Sleeze, has apparently agreed to start paying for his sins. Although, I tend to agree with one of the posters on TMZ's website, Charlie: "your goof, your bill."

Sixth, I am looking forward to the future rage in footwear, OAT shoes . I mean, who doesn't want a good pair of totally biodegradable shoes?

And last, but certainly not least, CONGRATULATIONS for quitting your nasty smoking habit, President Obama! :D I am proud of you! Now I know that you won't be smoking any Camels in Egypt, either. But you better stay on the straight and narrow, or the way Michelle's blabbing, you won't get away with anything for very long! *Laugh*

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