Sunday, March 20, 2011

Charlie Sheen: A Change Of Scene?

"I don't know whether to give him a medal or throw him in a loony bin"--Howard Stern, when asked what he thinks about Charlie Sheen.

What Has Come Back To Haunt Charlie:

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Commander-In-Chief Charlie?

No. Charlie Sheen would not make a good leader for our Country. (Village Idiot, maybe.) He smokes too much and that, in itself, would make him too great a risk. Why? Because, with his chain-smoking habit, Sheen has a greater chance of dying at any time...(and not surviving a four-year term in office)...not from "natural causes" but from a stupid, stinking habit.

If Charlie Sheen became the next president, he would have to lead by example. Smoking is a very unhealthy habit. So Sheen would have to give it up. Our current president, Barack Obama, quit smoking last year...while he was in office. I highly doubt that Charlie Sheen could ever do that.

Some people think that the "Sorcerer Of Instability" will have a major meltdown during his 21-city tour. I'm going to sit on the sidelines and watch. An air-traffic controller has stamina, so does a good trucker or a mean pitcher. But it remains to be seen if Sheen really has IT in himself.

Tonight's broadcast on TLC is a taped offering...and Charlie Sheen will be propped-up and packaged in that production. Twelve days into his Talking Torpedoes Tour will reveal, to everyone, just what Charlie is actually made of. I, for one, am wondering if he's really going to be able to handle the grind.

He's done a great deal of high-talking. Now he's going to have to back all of his words up.

I bet Sheen is going to rely heavily on glamour girls and celebrities to fill-out his gigs. He can't do it all by himself...not at fifty, sixty, eighty or over one-hundred dollars a ticket. Toss the twitter-tally , Charlie isn't going to be anything but some guy on stage when the audience says, "Okay, Mr. Big Shot: Entertain us!"

Just because he can hold his own online doesn't mean that he's going to get the same reaction when he appears in person. If he doesn't deliver the razzle-dazzle, the audience is going to turn on him like a pack of wolves.

Sympathy for the devil will only go so far after people plunk down their hard-earned money.

So Sheen's handlers will have to keep Charlie on a short, tight leash. Otherwise, I bet he'll blow the whole tour.

Charlie Tiger? Nah...when it comes right down to it, he's going to be more like Charlie The Chained.

Oh well...if he loses his stripes, I suppose he might still get a bit on Animal Planet's "Animal Rescue."

Yeah, Charlie Sheen, locked-up in an animal hospital with a bunch of sick puppies. Now THAT, I think, I might actually pay money to see.

"Just Sayin'" I Love Ya, Perez

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