Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Coward Hits-And-Runs

Hit-And-Run Update

One of the most serious examples of cowardice is a hit-and-run driver.

And as some of you are already aware of, I watched my friend, Tom, get hit and fatally injured by a drunk driver. I was nineteen-years-old. And to add insult to my friend's subsequent death, the driver took the whole situation to court.

I met that disgraceful jerk there. I had to go but I would have gone, regardless.

To this day, I remember my much-younger self, standing on that street, at night, in the cold pouring rain...

...I walked over and knelt down by my friend...

...and I looked into his eyes...

...and felt so helpless, knowing that there was nothing that I could do for Tom...except to stay by him until the ambulance and the cops came... 4:30 the next morning, the cops came to my residence and told me that Tom was dead.

I had given a written statement to the police right after the ambulance took Tom away. Soon after, I went to court.

The drunk driver got the legal book thrown at him. But that didn't bring my friend, Tom, back.

Yesterday, before I knew that this recent hit-and-run had happened, I got a hit on my blog from Molalla, Oregon. I remember thinking that Molalla (which I had never heard of, before I perused my blog tracker, yesterday) is a really funny name.

But this present situation is disgraceful.

I sincerely hope that THIS Tom, the man on the bike, recovers and returns to his family, friends and to his good life.

And I also hope that the driver turns himself or herself in to the police. Because driving away after hitting that man is just too much cowardice to leave on anyone's conscience.

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