Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy Cooking Charlie

Oh my freaking lord, Twitter-Tiger IS finally sober. He's in the kitchen where he has free access to sharp objects. Mulholland Drive will never be the same.

Now that he's shown-off his culinary expertise with a serving of "Snipe Butts a la Steak"...It's obvious that this "Chef-Who-Chats-With-Chopping-Devices" will do just about anything to satisfy his warped appetite.

Charlie, I have one thing to say about this video, above and beyond everything else:

YOU belong IN FRONT of a camera and NOT BEHIND IT.

You're to the manner born.

When you're not doing drugs and drinking like a damn fool, you're actually entertaining.

You're not funny...yet. But you're moving in the right direction.

Good luck on the lawsuit, too. If you hate Lorre that much, then there has to be a valid reason. I'm betting that we, the public people, probably have no idea just how bad he was to you. So, fire-up your defense and skewer the bastard.

But make good on your promise to split the winnings with the crew that lost so much over this whole fiasco.

And keep refining your gig, there, Charlie.

The day may come where I actually laugh at you, again...only then, it will be for all of the right reasons.

Bon apetit, you Crazy Cook.

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