Sunday, March 06, 2011

Duh...Charlie's Boring

Charlie Sheen: Living proof that a brain amputee will always be in love with the sound of his own voice.

Charlie X'd by The Examiner

Total Tear-Down By New York Daily News

Thumb Down From Hollywood Reporter

Two Thumbs Down From The Wrap

(Voice of Maury Povich) "Charlie, you are NOT a funny man!"

The verdict is in: Charlie "My-Best-Joke-Is-A-Fart" Sheen tried to be funny via the Internet and he WASN'T!!

Check out the reviews above.


Oh sure, he racked-up a bitty number in the beginning (which is only because some people were curious about what Mr. "Stuck-on-Stupid-like-the-Wart-on-his-Butt" was going to pull, next) but the smart viewers quickly lost interest and moved on.

The fact is, Charlie Sheen doesn't pull anything. He just sucks.

"Saturday Night Live" was hilarious. Charlie gave them the idea. But THEY made it funny!

YOU aren't funny, Sheen. You're just a perfect target when people want to make fun of somebody.

Charlie, if you weren't such an IDIOT, you probably wouldn't make too many headlines.

I don't think that you are even capable of making me laugh so hard that tears come out of my eyes and I can't breath. That's because you sit there in your isolated, "It's All About ME" Ultra-Bubble and have no clue as to what will really make most people crack-up.

To my readers: Ya'll should have been there the day that a lady cop tried to get a big, snapping turtle out of the middle of the road in Cooperstown, New York. THAT was funny! She thought it would be a very simple task. It wasn't.

There she was, with her badge pinned on and a big gun on her hip, and none of that meant two tadpoles to the turtle. The more she tried to get that turtle to move, the more it didn't. Traffic backed-up as people gathered on both sides of the road. The locals yelled-out suggestions, the drivers honked their horns and I just sat in her car and laughed. (I was a ride-along) I regret that I never got the incident on video.

And you say you understand baseball, Charlie? I don't think so.

Baseball players are some of THE funniest people on the planet! Maybe you need to go talk to some of THEM, for awhile, Mr. No-Yucks.

Because the bottom-line is:

Jerry Springer now has better ratings than you!

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