Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima/Japan Status Updates

"Oh my Grace, they have no hiding place."

CNN Live Stream-Get UPDATES Here

LAX Flights--Japan And Back--Operating

So what's REALLY going on over there??!

Official Nuclear Plant Updates Being Posted On Facebook

Fox News: Fukushima Fact Sheet

Wikipedia: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

"A 'meltdown' is not a technical term. Rather, it is an informal way of referring to a very serious collapse of a power plant's systems and its ability to manage temperatures. It is not immediately clear if a meltdown would cause serious radiation risk, and if it did how far the risk would extend."--CTV Canada

An explosion at the Fukushima (Number One) Nuclear Power Station in Japan is adding a possible horror to an already terrible nightmare. I will add updates to this situation as I get them. People are now being evacuated away from the Fukushima (Number Two) Nuclear Power Station area, as well.

LA Times: Sixth Reactor Fails

CNN: Catastrophic Meltdown May Be Happening

AOL News: Japan Reports Emergency

CNN: Impending Nuclear Meltdown Possible

Tokyo Electric Power Co. Releasing Radioative Steam

Emergency At Second Reactor

BusinessWeek: Japan Using Sea Water To Cool Reactor

Japan Informs UN About Explosion

Iodine Pills May Be Next

Tossing The Threat Ball--Which Way Will It Fall?

Fukushima (Number Two) Now Safety Risk

An American In Disaster-Land

9,500 Missing In Just One Japanese Community

Voice Of America, Updated Coverage

The Guardian (UK): Live Coverage

Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station explosion

Telegraph (UK): How Bad Will It Really Get?

Reuters Coverage of Explosion/Quake

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