Monday, March 14, 2011

Written With A Prayer...

We wake up here: Waves and roads and bridges and blessings away from them. We sip our coffee, swallow our smoothies or drink our refreshing orange juice. We stand in the shower, sink into a tub or wake up in a jacuzzi. We brush our teeth, comb or style our hair and head out to dance with a brand new day.

For most of us, everything is routine and relative. Predictable. We live in a sleek, smooth-running society...with just enough rain and just enough pain to keep our blood running.

We are not in Japan.

We don't see billows of black smoke in the sky. Our nose doesn't wrinkle from the acrid smell of death. We don't have to wear a mask to protect us from bacteria...or to prevent us from vomiting in a ditch.

And we don't have to stand in line to check ourselves or our children...for the first affects of radiation poisoning.

We tweet and meet our friends. We don't wander down a road that's surrounded by twisted pieces of disaster...that extends as far as our eyes can see. We know where everybody is. We don't suddenly feel so overwhelmed that we sit down, in the middle of piles of debris and just cry.

We don't feel lost and alone. We don't have to sit in what's left of a doorway and shiver as the evening takes us into a dreadful darkness...again.

It's that girl, sitting there, beside her muddy boots, crying into the wind, that captured me. Every time that I read a new article, or hear a new report on TV, or watch a new video from's her heartbroken form that I see in my mind.

I hope that you will help those people in Japan...who have lost everything through no fault of their own. And I hope that you remember just how close the rest of us living through the same nightmare.

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