Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Just Sheen Stupid

Stupid Sheen...
Know What I Mean?

Crazy Charlie

(Video)Charlie Sheen's Reaction To Losing Kids
He Doesn't Know Where Kids Are
Charlie's Twins Gone, Now What?
TMZ Broke The Story About Charlie's Kids
Charlie May Lose His Kids
People Magazine Coverage: Kids Removed From Sheen
Kids Taken From Sheen Home
Police Take Charlie's Kids
Sheen: "I've Got To Get My Job Back"
LA Times: Charlie Sheen's Meltdown


Charlie Sheen isn't always mean
And it's true that he's not a bum
But his soul is so black
That nothing will bring its shine back
Not even Janitor In A Drum!

Every day, he has something to say
And he expects us all to listen
He brags about his life
Says everything is alright
And swears that nothing is missing

Charlie Sheen is a rage machine
He calls himself a tiger
But in reality
It seems to me
That Charlie is just a liar

Crack cocaine has corrupted his brain
But Charlie just keeps on living
He says it's his right
To stand up and fight
And expects us to do the forgiving

--He says he's real strong
But I think he's wrong
Every time I see his face on TV...

Cuz when the camera pulls in tight
In the bright, hot light
Charlie looks older than me!--

Yeah, Charlie Sheen is never alone
But he's not every body's friend

He's a pseudo-legend who's real well-known
But he'll just be another box of bones
Underneath a mocking, grey headstone...

When he meets "The End."


Thought I was done with this poem
But I have to say one thing more...

It must feel really "gnarly"
To become a big Tweetie
While the cops take your kids out the door!

----Poem By Ruth Rader

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