Friday, March 18, 2011

Mad Man Sheen's Mobile Shyster Machine


Diana Fri, Mar 18, 2011, 2:48 PM

"It's one thing to walk past a monkey at the zoo and laugh while he picks fleas off himself. It's quite another to pay $100, pull up a lawn chair, and sit there for 70 minutes watching him do it. After 10 minutes of listening to this clown talk about how great he is, the audience is going to be yawning and looking for the door. This "tour" will be the end of every one's fascination with Charlie Sheen's protracted meltdown..."--Reader Comment From An Entertainment Website.

Do you think that Charlie Sheen is going to just casually start talking after he jumps into the hot light in his catsuit?

And do you also believe that Sheen is writing all of his material, himself?


Remember that interview on the "TODAY" show after the police took Charlie's twin sons out of his house?

He sat in a chair, opposite the reporter and camera and right next to his censor, I mean, lawyer.

No, every word that "Sheen-The-Legally-Shackled" utters during the show will be chosen very carefully. And every, single phrase will be put through a marketing filter, as well, before the audience ever hears it. Because Sheen isn't in this to help anybody...he's going to try to make himself look good, make money and build a solid fan base. So he can make even more money, down the road.

In other words, Charlie Sheen is going to follow a "carefully choreographed and staged" (thank you once again, Dan Gladden) script. Don't believe any balderdash about Charlie just improvising off the cuff. He wouldn't dare do that...anymore than he would have done it during that early morning interview on Mulholland Drive.

He's an actor and an actor, at the very least, can lie successfully and at the very most, will convince people to spend their money on him. It appears to me that during this upcoming tour, Charlie Sheen is going to attempt to do both.

After all, he's got to sell those stupid t-shirts and every other product that's linked to "Mad Man Sheen's Mobile Shyster Machine".

And he won't be funny. I'm betting that if he does make people laugh, it will be the direct result of someone Else's input. He won't write all of his own jokes...because Charlie Sheen is NOT funny!

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He has decided to avoid my State...Montana.

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