Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Radioactivity, Charlie And Britney

-Original Bird Drawing Can Be Seen At "Miami New Times"-

CNN: Smoke Spotted At Another Japanese Nuclear Plant

Defence Web (Reuters): Japanese Engineers Knew Tsunami Could Overrun Plant

TEPCO Facing Possible $132 Billion In Claims

Reuters: Japan's New Safety Measures

VOA News: Radiation Spike Detected In Ocean

Reuters: Update/Timeline on Japan Crisis

The tsunami is gone but the bad news just keeps on coming. Below you will find stories about TEPCO'S president being hospitalized, when the tsunami debris from Japan will reach the beautiful, Pacific shores of Oregon and the mysterious emails from a worker at what is left of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

CNN: (Updated) TEPCO President Hospitalized

Washington Post: TEPCO President Hospitalized

KGW News: Tsunami Debris Will Reach Oregon

Are These Emails From A Fukushima Worker REAL?

President Obama has called Japan's Prime Minister (again) and we, of course, are only allowed to read about one part of that phone call. I'm sure that President Obama did not call from Air Force One just to tell the Prime Minister what he's heard already. I'm quite sure that there was more to that conversation than we are privy to.

President Obama Calls Japan's Prime Minister

Meanwhile, this statement came via Reuters:

"The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex said on Wednesday that it is unclear how the seawater around the plant became radioactive.

Seawater near the complex's No.1 reactor contained concentrations of radioactive iodine at 3,355 times the legal limit, Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said earlier on Wednesday.

The radiation in the seawater is unlikely to have a major impact on people's health, an official from Tokyo Electric Power Co told a news conference."

BBC (UK): Yes, Blokes, That's Radiation

Ummmm...they have "no idea"?

Well, gosharoonie, TEPCO, I DO!

USA Today is reporting that many of us in THIS Country want an alternative to nuclear power. And I don't mean a fire in a pit!

USA Today: US Support For Nuclear Power Is Dropping

FOX News NY: Will They Find A Pearl In The Oyster?

And before the quake/tsunami, we thought that Charlie Sheen would be the worst thing that we'd all have to deal with.

Something To Laugh About: (We Can Always Laugh At Charlie)

Belfast Telegraph: Sheen's New Intern: An Irishman

NOTE: Check Out The Poll Results In This Article:
There's Always Motel 6

And then there's Britney:

Till The World Ends Or Britney Gets Too Old

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