Friday, March 04, 2011

Missing Children And Miracles

I sat on a brick wall outside of Wally World yesterday morning. The sun was climbing in the sky and some birds were singing.

It was one of those days when people could honestly feel the first hint of Spring in the air.

I suddenly smiled and felt very grateful.

Now, as I munch on my beloved Wasabi peas and type this out, I have only one wish: I want the Lindsey Baum, the Skelton Brothers, Sabrina Allen and the Kyron Horman case to be solved.

If hundreds of criminals are allowed to exist then why can't those kids come home?

We are slowly edging toward the annual celebration of rebirth. When I heard those little birds sing yesterday, I wondered if any of those missing children could hear birds sing, too.

Some people are locked in their own magnified ego and focusing on media razzle-dazzle right now. But when it comes down to what matters, the missing children listed above are infinitely more important than a trashy tabloid headline.

It's so easy for the current, shallow sensations to be selfish. They barely have to work at all to maintain who they are.

But those missing kids need a hero. And heroes aren't built by soundbites and outrageous, asinine behavior.


I haven't heard what is going on in the Kyron Horman case. But I know that there are people out there who are are sincerely working behind the scenes right now. And I'm sure, if Kyron Horman is found today, those folks and many other people won't care about some showman's midlife crisis.

Spring is coming...even to this high-altitude community, nestled between snow-capped mountains in Central Montana. Once again, I ask God, are the missing children and miracles coming back, too?


Rosie said...

Hello Ruthie,

I think the point that needs to be mentioned in regards to these cases is that it is "most likely" the family members who have perpetrated these crime against these children; this is who law enforcement looks to first, and with good reason.

Society would like to take comfort and believe that there is a boogieman out there taking our children; that simply is not so.

There are many children who do not ever make the headlines who are being abused by people that they should be able to trust; this simply is the truth.


Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comment, Rosie.
It was very thoughtful. However, I disagree with you, to a point.

Some children do vanish at the hands of relatives. Some don't.

Take Dennis Rader (BTK), for instance. He broke into homes and killed entire families (including children) for 30 years before he was finally caught. He wasn't related to any of them.

So, yes there are "boogiemen."

Either way, I don't think society, as a whole, takes any "comfort" when anything bad happens to a child. Regardless of who is responsible for it.

I also don't believe that cops follow a set recipe after a kid goes missing.

Every missing child case is unique and is handled as such. It is important to keep an open mind until all of the damning evidence is collected/the child is found.