Monday, March 07, 2011

Mr. Abbey Normal

Oh dear Lord, what a mess.

Entertainment Weekly did an interesting survey and
on its website, today.

And it looks like the demographic lines are beginning to be drawn.

But then, I think that it should be obvious to anyone with the ability to reason, that Charlie Sheen is rapidly losing his damn mind. He brain is eroding to the level of a stinky puffball, just before you step on it.

Sheen's going mad because his brain's gone bad. He needs a major, neurological transplant.

In fact, Sheen's present situation reminds me of a scene from the movie, "Young Frankenstein":

Apparently, it's gotten so bad that one of the "Oh My God-desses" isn't in Sheen's Korner, anymore.

I don't blame her! Run, Honey, Run!!

And speaking of Sheen's Korner...Charlie finally dubbed his Internet debut a "SHAMEFUL TRAIN WRECK."

But then, so is Charlie, himself.

I caught some more of Sheen's nut ball behavior, online, today. And it appeared that the nitwit couldn't even handle a simple phone call, properly. Throughout the entire video, Charlie blabbered on like a talking butt head.

And he said, "Sheen's Korner will include 'Torpedoes Of Truth.'"

I bet it will be more like Ballistic Bullshit.

Halfway through the video, Charlie declared that "the trolls can't process me."


Well, why should ANYBODY attempt to process a part of Charlie that's best handled by a waste water treatment plant?

Think about it, Sheen. But don't hurt yourself.

Instead, tryyyyy to focus in on the one smart thing that you said on video today: "Be about something that matters."

I'm sorry to hear about your dog, Charlie. That really IS sad. Maybe you can adopt one from your local animal shelter.

Get one that will bite you in the leg every time that you start to say something stupid...Mr. Abbey Normal.

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