Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radiation And Remembering Michiko

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Reuters: (Japan) US Military Now Taking Medication To Help Prevent Radiation Poisoning

Radiation, aftershocks, not enough food, heat or clean water...dead bodies everywhere...that is what is in existence right now in northern Japan.

I live in a motel...with a comfy bed, Internet, heat, lights, a shower/tub combo, a mini-frig, a microwave (an air conditioner that I will be able to count on this summer, if I need it along with an outdoor pool) and a reliable land line phone.

My mail is collected and the snow that is falling outside my pretty window just looks like a postcard.

I have access to fresh fruit and hot tea in the morning if I want it, at the office, for free.

If I need to get groceries or wash my clothes, transportation is free, too.

I take bubble baths, watch CNN, work on my laptop and consider myself very fortunate.

There is no connection, by the Grace of God, between my life here in Bozeman and what is rolling out now in Japan.

Today's big buzzword is: RADIATION.

And the reports that are coming out from the Fukushima area are getting worse.

I remember Chernobyl. I remember the warnings when the rain began to fall. I was here in the United States, but I was told to stay out of the rain, just the same. And I remember asking a friend of mine: "The cows are out there, so what should we do, just decide that beef and dairy and every crop growing out of the ground is inedible for months to come?"

The knowledge that I am warm, fed and safe right now doesn't make what I am seeing online and on TV, any easier to take.

I had a pen-pal once...back when I was fourteen. Her name was Michiko Nishihara. She lived in Shizuoka-ken, Japan .

I wonder if she is still alive and if she is, if she is anywhere near that area right now. I thought about her this morning and I'd sure like to know what her status is.

Oh Japan...I am so sad for you today.

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