Sunday, March 06, 2011

Taking On Terri

On February 22, I published THIS POST in my blog. In the post, I suggested, "Residents of Roseburg could hold a candlelight vigil across the street from where Terri is staying right now. That's a lovely idea, don't you think?"

Well, some people liked the idea and they went ahead and did it . Coverage .

I hope that really pissed Terri Moulton Horman right off. I suggest that folks follow-up their activity by getting those posters (that I also described in the February 22 post) in windows down there in Roseburg. And get something made that you can either put on (depending on the law, there) or in vehicles in that area.

Meanwhile, ANOTHER STORY is developing right now. I don't know if it is relevant to the Kyron Horman case or not. I will post an update here if I find out anything more about it.

Updated Information

Body Identified 3/07/11

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siriunsun said...

Terri's parents should really join this effort.........put up some Kyron posters here and there, offer to keep a candle burning somewhere safe, watch over an ongoing prayer vigil, ect. Even if Terri's attorney does not want Terri involved, that type of an effort would not only assist in the efforts to draw attention to Kyron's cause, but help Terri, guilty ot not. >>>>>>>>>sigh<<<<<<<<<<<.....Am I showing my naivete about the human race here?