Friday, March 11, 2011

What It Should Mean To The Rest Of Us

It started in a second. But it had been building-up for months. And I monitored the growing threat, just waiting...

This is not an isolated incident and it won't end here.

I believe that more major earthquakes are going to come.

It's just a matter of time. It always is.

When something like this happens...and the bodies of men, women and children are strewn across a blackened, sand discarded rag dolls...

Life, and what it is really worth, comes right back into perspective.

If you are alive and well today...if you are drinking orange juice and basking in the Spring sunshine...and if you are warm, safe, fed and fortunate...

Then, perhaps it is time to remind yourself just how blessed you really are.

Hell was unleashed last night, from deep within Middle Earth, and it lashed-out at innocent people. They barely knew what hit them.

Those of us who were spared this latest nightmare, have the responsibility to appreciate what we have and give the best of ourselves to others.

For Karma is a fickle thing.

And we don't know if it might come after time.

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