Monday, March 07, 2011

You First, Harold Camping


Well, isn't this just special.

Rather than work toward making the world a better place to live, a group of arrogant mortals are rolling around in RV's,
warning about the death of the Earth. And they are convinced that many people will lose their soul and their winning ticket to heaven, at the same time.

This is all supposed to begin in May of this year.

Since I live on this planet, I decided to post an open message back to the fool responsible for this idiotic assumption: Harold Camping.


To Harold Camping:

You are old.

According to Wikipedia, you were born in July of 1921. You are living on borrowed time. Your shelf-life is about ready to expire.

Perhaps that's related to what is really going on, here.

Maybe you're afraid to let your wick snuff-out...alone. So you've convinced yourself that your transition to God will be a worldwide event.

I can just hear you, declaring, "Why, if I have to go soon, then EVERYBODY'S gonna go with me!"

And on top of that, you've decided that some of the people in this world are going to be banished into eternal oblivion. Of course, this newsflash is totally dependant upon YOUR definition of salvation and damnation.

How convenient.

You've got God's future course of action all figured-out, don't you, Harold?

I doubt it.

I believe in God. He believes in me.

But I don't believe for one minute that Jesus did everything that He did just so God could start damning millions of souls in May.

It's not going to happen like that, Harold. It just isn't.

When Jesus was on the Earth, He did a lot of talking about His people taking responsibility for each other. But the folks in that RV caravan don't have to think about that. No, they just run around talking about Doomsday. And then they go park themselves at a Waffle House and share their tale of woe with a hot mug of coffee.

Meanwhile, buds are swelling on tree branches and kids are signing-up for Summer Little League. Families are making plans to rent a cottage by a lake. Medical personnel in emergency rooms are doing their best to save lives. And babies are being born. Every. Single. Day.

And you don't see what that means, Harold?

Perhaps you will understand when nothing changes on May 21 or June 14 or July 28 or August 3 or September 12 or October 31, 2011.

That is, unless you die first.

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