Thursday, April 28, 2011

After The Storms: Who Will Take The Lead?

CNN: Survivor Stories

ABC News: 300 Dead After Tornadoes

Reuters News: This May Be Worst Tornado Season, Ever

["This could turn out to be one of the worst years for severe weather and tornadoes in history," said Dan Kottlowski, expert senior meteorologist for]

President Obama is going to survey the devastation tomorrow in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Not Donald Trump.

It was all so easy for Donald Trump to waltz around New Hampshire, yesterday, ranting on and on about our president's birth certificate. And he criticized the job that President Obama is doing.

But it is going to be President Obama, himself, who is going to stand amidst the rubble tomorrow and deal with that situation. He's been doing his job all along...but tomorrow, he's going to have to do more.

In all of the States, that were hit by tornadoes and severe storms yesterday and last doesn't matter what Donald Trump did. It doesn't matter at all.

When people have too much time on their hands, they sometimes get complacent. They don't think about mass deaths and miles of total destruction. The Donald didn't think about it, did he?

Which is why I posted yesterday,(BEFORE the major storms hit) that Donald Trump would be wise to just shut the hell up and get ready to put his money, and motion, where his mouth is.

I wrote that I doubted that Trump would ever be found, "standing between a crushed garage, an overturned car and a demolished house, with a plan of action in his head and a hammer in his hand."

Well, WHERE IS HE NOW? He's not "leading a parade of volunteers" in one of the storm-torn areas in the United States. Nope.

YET, despite the "silliness" that went on yesterday, GUESS WHO is going to BE IN ALABAMA, tomorrow?

Our president. And I don't believe that anyone there that he meets will give a hoot one way or another about that man's freaking birth certificate!!!

We have a major National emergency on our hands now. It will have a ripple-effect that will impact many people in this Country. And nobody, involved, is going to have any time, whatsoever, to think about where President Obama was born!!!

We are all going to have to pull together as a team. There will be no sense in pulling apart at a time like this.

We have barely rolled into the storm season...and we're facing a huge disaster, already. So, instead of worrying about birth certificates, I think we better all focus on how we can help our brothers and sister in need.

And those of us who have not yet been affected by storms, flooding, wildfires or earthquakes, should make a plan. It's not melodramatic's good, common sense.

Let that fool, that shallow, superficial and selfish man, fly away somewhere in his fancy helicopter. God will deal with Donald Trump's karma.

While President Barack Obama, and the rest of us, take care of the really important business in our Country.

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