Saturday, April 23, 2011

ANYONE Might Hear Kyron's Call

We need a new button, one that rejoices with these words: Kyron Horman Is Home!

I'm well aware that there is a contingent of people out there right now that are still looking for that boy. And I know that some of them are beginning to backtrack and restart their search journey...and they are now taking it into a different direction.

Yeah, "Two roads", "yellow wood", Robert Frost and all of that.

What I see every day now is a roster of seekers and what they're finding as they walk down new roads.

And that brings up the subject of psychics. My overall opinion of them hasn't changed. The psychics that I've attempted to interact with have turned-out to be R.F.W.: Really Freaking Weird!

I mean, to the point where I can't even have a halfway beneficial discussion with them, online.

However, I do believe in fate and I am convinced that God can and does do whatever He wants to...through anyone that He any given time.

So when a person receives a revelation from out of the cosmos, for no logical reason, does that mean that person is a psychic?

I don't think so.

I think it's closer to being an act of God's grace...sent down with a particular a sort of Divine favor.

I tried to communicate with a group of people, via a so-called psychic website, the other day and got nowhere.

In fact, I believe that Terri Horman may have a hand in those particular forums. Therefor, I wouldn't waste a worm-eaten green apple on that conversation.

Do I believe that there is a voice crying out for justice...caught between the strong will to convey the truth...and the crossed-wire confusion in a particular person's psyche?


The message is going out...again and again...but the right person is not getting it. The problem is not so much with the transmitter but with the receiver.

There is an alpha and an omega...a beginning and an end.

At this time of is vitally important to open yourself up to something a bit beyond the middle. For Kyron's sake. And your own.

Have a happy Easter. Don't forget to light a candle for Kyron and keep your heart's ear to that mystical message rail. Because...Kyron's calling.


Anonymous said...

I feel a bit confused by this blog entry. Are you saying that the majority of psychics that you've contacted are telling you that Terri is not guilty? Or are you simply saying that you don't believe in psychics?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask--how many psychics have you spoken to? Gotta remember- the smaller the sample size, the greater the statistical likelihood of error.

I'm also curious--are most of the psychics saying that Terri is not involved? Did you ask any of them if they had any sense of whether Kyron is alive or not?

I'm on the fence about psychics. Some are really bad. But Frank Bender, the sculptor who created clay busts, is psychic. That's what helps him to see what their faces look like (in addition to his remarkable understanding of anatomy). In the book "The Murder Room," Bender and a retired FBI agent used a psychic who was also correct in her predictions.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I will answer your first comment...first. Wow, what a way to proceed. Gasp!

I don't think that there is anything "confusing" about this post. It's very straight-forward.

No self-proclaimed "psychic" has ever told me that Terri is not guilty. I don't know where you got that from but it sure isn't written in this post.

I made it very clear what I believe in and perhaps you should go back and read the entire post again...slowly.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Now I will answer your second comment:

That's the point of my post...people can and sometimes do slap a label, like "psychic" on themselves, and in the final analysis, it ends up proving nothing.

I have communicated with flesh-and-blood mortals, nothing more and nothing less. Each breathing individual on Earth is in that category.

I recognize the fact for what it is...and I suggest that you do the same.

Sample sizes and statistical errors
have no influence on the decisions that God makes. And as I wrote in the post, His actions are based on grace, mercy and love.

He holds fate like an ace up his sleeve and metes out His business with no regard for mortal scientific comprehension.

Does God work miracles?

He sure does. I am one of those miracles. You don't realize that because you don't know my miracle story.

The majority of people that I have communicated with believe that Terri Moulton Horman is directly responsible for Kyron's disappearance.

And more people believe that Kyron is alive than don't.

The people who have the most to offer in this investigation focus on finding Kyron and learning the truth about what has happened. They don't make a big deal about their own name, rank or psychic status.

Is the above paragraph clear enough for you to understand?

No one, as I wrote in the post, can attribute an epiphany to his or her own cultivated talent.

If the signs and portents lead to a deception, then it is a direct insult from evil. On the other hand, if a line of clues lead to a good resolution, then it is a gift from God.

I first thought that my experience with Dennis Rader (BTK) was the result of some sudden psychic ability. Later on, I learned that God does things His way for a reason. That reason may not make rational sense but then getting to the bottom of why God does what He does is not our job.

Prayer is powerful and perhaps those individuals pinning Kyron's fate on man made golden calves should gather together in prayer, instead.

Now, if you will excuse me, it smells like Terri in here right I'm going to open a window of enlightenment and air the place out.