Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Blogger Buddies EXPOSED!

These characters, ladies and gentlemen, are the infamous "Blogger Buddies." Like rats caught in a cage, they stood in front of the camera and said, "Fleas!" just before their picture was taken.

Just look at them.

I have placed red numbers on or beside the worst of that bunch. So you will know just how nefarious (or ridiculous) those numbered people really are.

Click on the photo to see a much larger picture of these hooligans.

Number One: What is he even doing in that group? It must be some sort of clever disguise. He doesn't look like a nerd. No, he's probably still a student at a non-accredited tech school outside of Seattle. He somehow got himself in, hoping to bypass a zillion hoops and start making some big money. The group keeps him around because he provides all the "____" and the "____" to keep the gang's wheels turning.

Number Two: See that guy in the back row in the pink shirt? Yeah, that one. Look at him. He's hiding half his face behind the guy in front of him but still flashing that wiseguy grin. Why, he's practically leering at the camera. He is probably the mastermind behind all sorts of pranks that he's never owned up that over sized rubber frog, with a hundred-dollar bill tied around its waist, found floating in the toilet.

Number Three: Who is THAT guy, huh? I mean, look at him, hiding behind two other guys and slouching in the back row. What's HIS deal? Why's he trying so hard to make himself invisible? Well, I'll tell you this: He isn't changing into a Superman outfit.

Number Four: What's SHE laughing at? She's not even looking at the camera! No, she's trying to disrupt things. Ohhh, I'm sure that underneath that cute exterior beats the heart of a true menace!

Number Five: He is definitely Number Four's partner-in-crime. And he is sharing a private joke with her. Hell knows what those two are cooking-up behind a closed door!

Number Six: Who IS that guy?? See him dressed in that green shirt in the back row? He doesn't look like he belongs with that group of cyber-sadists, either. No, he appears to be sobering-up after a bad ball game...where he did a free fall from an upper deck during the seventh-inning stretch!

Number Seven: Well, it's easy to tell that HE doesn't care about blog development. Just look at his t-shirt. He doesn't want to work. He just wants to go scuba-diving near Cancun! And they put HIM in the front row...tsk, tsk. They have no shame!

Number Eight: Now that guy has GOT to be a farmer in disguise! I bet he just got off the bus from somewhere in freaking Iowa...and his real name is Opie. Yeah, he's probably an intern that's going to try to impress a city girl before he returns to his tractor in the Fall.

Number Nine: Check out that sweet face. Whoaaa...I bet she uses her clever disguise to con every unsuspecting guy within a country mile. She looks like she grew up in the "Little House On The Prairie." I bet she's memorized the recipe for every Girl Scout cookie that's ever been boxed! Yeah, she's a closet Clampett, alright. And she probably uses a hoard of "critters" to help her do her dirty work!

Numbers Ten And Eleven: Those two are obviously twins. And you KNOW how twins are! Yes, they hatch all sorts of capers of corruption without saying a single word out loud. They don't have too...those two communicate with each other via their sneaky, little minds.

Number Twelve: See that guy standing there with his arms crossed and that smart ass grin on his face. He looks like he undertakes some very creative crimes. Is that a backpack slung over his shoulders? What's he got in it? For that matter, what's he hiding under that hat?!

Number Thirteen: He's standing right in the middle of the group and staring straight into the camera. He has a no-nonsense look on his face which indicates that he must be the intelligence behind the operation! Yeahhh, the worst thug from the swamps of Jersey has nothing on Mr."My-Brain-Cells-Are-Bigger-Than-Your-Toenails!"

These Blogger Buddies say that they are busy creating new and amazing things that they will then give over to us to play with.

But don't be fooled by their cryptic and coded inferences. For they are all probably what 2012 is really all about!


And Google just BOUGHT THEM!!!


April 1, 2011
Posted by Brett Wiltshire, Blogger CEO:

"This morning we’re beyond thrilled to announce that Blogger has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Google, the Internet search company. This is exciting news not only for all of us on the Blogger team, but for our users, our partners, and most importantly -- the blogosphere itself."


Just remember, fellow bloggers--->You've Been WARNED!!

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