Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlie In Canada: A Smoke Or A Joke?

Vancouver Sun (Canada): "No Smokin' Here, Eh?"

Charlie is going to appear at Massey Hall, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, tonight. And while he isn't the worst thing that's ever crossed the northern border...he's not the best export, either.

Canadians are big smokers. I know, I've spent quite a bit of time in several Provinces, up there.

Nevertheless, the Canadian Powers-That-Be could, if they wanted to, take a tough stance on the issue tonight. If they don't want Charlie to smoke, onstage...well...what will Charlie do?

It will be interesting to see if Charlie deals with the regulation like an adult or just lights one up at tonight's show, anyway.

Well, if you take a puff and the locals get rough, can always wheeze all the way over to the American Consulate. If you do...I'll start smiling.

Because I know from past experience...that's where your REAL fun will begin.

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