Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Charlie Or Charity?

KING-TV (Seattle, WA): Charity, Not Charlie

Charity, Not Charlie 2.0

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"In their sty's with all their packing, they don't care what goes on around/ In their eyes, there's something lacking/ What they need's a damn good whacking."--From The Beatle's Song, "Piggies" By John Lennon And Paul McCartney.

This is how things are done in the Pacific Northwest. I should know...it's been MY stomping ground for years.

Now, Charlie Sheen is going to get a taste of it: Whether he likes it or not.

So, are you going to make something of it, Mr."Tiger-Tinker-Toy"?

Are you going to cry "Foul!" and tell them that they can't use your name or likeness or draw people away from buying tickets to your show?

Well, are you?

Or ARE YOU GOING TO SEND A CONTRIBUTION TO THEIR CAUSE and then otherwise leave them alone?

You said you want a bigger challenge. Well, Chuckles, it looks like you just got one.

I SINCERELY hope that you become aware of this, either via my post or through the main media. Because Charlie...you've got this coming. Yeah, you know darn well that you do.

This is penance that you're going to pay. You OWE it.

The angels of karma swooped down, dropped the gift right into your hands and said: "Here, Charlie...chew on this."

It isn't going to make-up for your inexcusable screw-up in Detroit. But it will be a decent step in the right direction.

I suggest that you graciously honor it in the manner in which it is intended. Seriously.

Because karma is nothing to mess with. And when you consider your own, you better take a few steps back.

I know that, if not beforehand, you will hear about "Charity, Not Charlie 2.0" by the time that you reach Washington State. Take my advice and do the right thing by this noble project.

You will be a better man for it.

What do I know? I'll tell you: I know that you'll be a total jerk if you don't.

Honeymoon's over, Sheen...it's time to face facts.

And that brings me to a comment, that came to me, very early this morning, from a person in Atlanta, Georgia:

(This is in reference to Charlie Sheen's outrageous disaster in Detroit, Michigan)

["I don’t know what people were expecting from him. He’s an actor, not a comedian. Unless he’s going to come up there and does a scripted one man show, what use is there in seeing him? They paid to watch him ramble when they could get that on the internet or TV so it’s on them."]

This comment is linked to my post, "Chatty Cathy Charlie In Chicago" .

I disagree. None of what Charlie Sheen pulled in Detroit was anybody's fault except his own.

Charlie was expected to entertain and he didn't. He had a job to do and he shrugged if off like one of his t-shirts.

People trusted Charlie to honor his end of the deal and he just tossed that trust into the wings of Fox Theatre.

If Charlie Sheen had gotten sick or things had fallen apart backstage about ten-minutes before showtime...then that would have been a different story. In that case, the ticket-holders should have gotten a courteous explanation and their money back.

Instead, Mr."Tiger-Milk-Toast" shuffled out onto the stage, like a five-year-old at his first show-and-tell and lost his direction in the lights. And when he finally realized what was happening, Charlie became angry and defensive.

We may never know why Charlie Sheen let that happen. Some people say that he was drunk. Some speculate that he was high. And still others believe that he really does suffer from a disorder and his brain just stopped firing right that night.

Whatever the cause...there are people all over the Country who are wondering if it's going to happen, again.

And some of those people are like the ancient Romans who watched the Christians get torn apart by the lions: They're after blood, Charlie...and not the tiger variety...they want a taste of your own.

I don't care as much about what happens to you as I do about all of the fans who are still waiting to see a really entertaining performance.

Are you going to deliver, Charlie Sheen? Or abandon the tour and crawl away into YouTube and other projects?

Please let us all know if you're going to trash the rest of this gig, Charlie. At least then, people will be free to donate their ticket money to a worthwhile charity...instead of wasting their dollars on you.

And just in case you really plan to make this tour a success, CS, here's another song for you. I like it because the lyrics fit and you can really hear the roar of the bus:

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