Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Better In The Big Apple

Charlie Sheen pulls out a wad of cash, while on-stage, at Radio City Music Hall, NYC-April 10, 2011

Daily Mail (UK): Charlie Does Radio City Right
TMZ: A Cool 180
Hollywood Reporter: With A Little Help From His Friends

Charlie Sheen left his idiot pills behind this time. As a result, he was actually, according to the media, entertaining at his second gig in New York City, last night.

Will this new found brilliance continue or will Grampa Charlie get another short in his cranial night-light again?

We shall see.

Charlie proved that he's not above Daily Mail (UK): Buying His Audience's Love.

Which may or may not save the rest of his tour dates.

A Perfect Song For This Stage Of The Game:

And as far as the tattoo offer goes:

Why don't you tattoo "These cheeks match my face"...on YOUR butt and show THAT off on the big screen at your next gig. That will do just fine, thank you.


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