Friday, April 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen: No Smokin', Eh?

Hollywood Reporter: Charlie Acts His Age, For Once

Colorado Springs Gazette: The Only Ashes Were In The Urn

Oh my gosh, Charlie Sheen actually did something sensible, for a change: He smoked electronic cigarettes and not the real thing, while onstage in Toronto last night. Smart move, Sheen.

I posted yesterday that I was wondering if the quasi-witless warlock would attempt to challenge the Canadian Government and it's strict, no smoking law. Apparently, he didn't. That was a wise decision, considering the fact that he was onstage (where no one is allowed to smoke) in a foreign Country. Albeit, it's Canada, but just ask the RCMP...they can get hostile if they want to.

Every time that I've been in that Country, I have behaved myself and have found that it has always worked to my advantage. I have been in Canada on numerous occasions, including one magnificent trip where I hitchhiked from New Brunswick all the way across to British Columbia and then on up to White Horse, in the Yukon Territory.

My paternal grandparents migrated down from that Country and some of my distant relatives still live in Canada.

Canadians are wonderful people, as long as you don't cross them. If you do, they'll likely turn you into moose meat, or feed you to a grizzly...either one.

It appears that Charlie managed to provide the audience a half-way decent show in Toronto. At the same time, however, the production didn't win any awards. NBC Miami: Grampa Sheen Is Losing Steam

And I'm sure that the Canadian Government will be more than #WILLING to send Charlie and his entourage back to the US side of the border as soon as possible.

Oh, and one more thing: From the "What The Hell Is This?" Department:

According to the Toronto Sun, Charlie wants to take a walk in Toronto to "raise awareness" about bipolar disorder.

Ooookay. Never mind Catherine Zeta-Jones, people...I wonder if Crazy Charlie is trying to tell us something?

ABC News: Canadian Bipolar Walk With Charlie?

Hey, I won't care if Charlie Sheen is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I'm more concerned about his chain-smoking habit than I am with wherever his head is at, most of the time.

Brandon Sun (Canada): Why Canada, Charlie?

If he wants to trot through Toronto and raise awareness/money for a worthwhile organization, I say, more power to him. It beats tearing a hotel room to bits.

But, what about THIS?: E Online: Two And A Half Truths...Er...Lies...Er?

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