Saturday, April 16, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Polarized?

Charlie Sheen lifted his hands above the masses in Toronto and declared that he doesn't know what bipolar really means. But he led a walk through part of
Toronto on behalf of a Canadian organization that works with people who suffer from the disorder.

So, let's get a straight definition of the condition known as bipolar:HERE

Now, either Charlie was staging a very strange publicity stunt, he knows someone who is suffering from the disorder (and it matters to him) or he is afflicted with the disorder, himself.

I'm betting it's option number three.

Bipolar disorder, in any of its manifestations, is a physiological malfunction that affects a person's psychological behavior. In other words, it's a physical disease, of sorts, that makes a person's emotional reactions flat line or run right off the scale.

Bipolar disorder can affect a person at any stage of life. And that makes me wonder if Charlie has been diagnosed with the illness.

If he has, that would explain a lot of things that he's done and said in the past few years. A mental illness like that, coupled with booze, chemical drugs and a bad choice of spouse, will wreak havoc in anyone's life. And bipolar disorder may be the really bad monkey that's growing larger on Charlie's shoulder, right now.

I saw all of the photographs from the walk...including the knit hat that Charlie wore that declared: "I'm Not Bipolar."

Well, if you aren't bipolar, Charlie, then you've got some explaining to do. I wonder if you are afraid of everyone else, Kami Tora, or more afraid of yourself.

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