Thursday, April 07, 2011

Charlie Sheen: What's Left?

Charlie Sheen is in New York City tonight...after keeping the customers (somewhat) satisfied in Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus.

And why that is, makes about as much sense as why April snow is continuing to fall in Bozeman, Montana.

And now that he has pretty much "told all", he's now decided to "bare all."

The photo(above), elicited all sorts of reactions on the Internet today. Someone actually called him "Grampa" on TMZ...and that was in response to a photo of Charlie with his clothes ON.


And in between his radical road shows, Charlie has connected with Drew Carey .

At this point, I think any comedy intervention will only improve Sheen's so-called brand of "entertainment."

And speaking of improvements: Aherm!!

The Boston Red Sox REALLY need some HELP right now!

Will Charlie come to their rescue?

Another Song For Charlie:

$Money For Nothing$~~~

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