Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cleveland: Charlie, Security And Don't Mess With Me

E Online: Charlie's A Major League Hit
MSNBC: Coverage In Cleveland
TMZ: Charlie's Trying To Dial Long-Distance

Sometimes it is wise to take a hard stance.

I'm happy to hear that Cleveland, Ohio didn't turn Charlie Sheen into a pygmy with a shrunken head. They could have. Easily.

The tight security at tonight's venue was a wise move. My favorite guy is the tall, buffed-out dude with the bald head.

I've noticed him in various photos and videos that have been released by the media. He never moves very far away from Charlie's side and he watches the surrounding area like a hawk.


I visited Charlie's YouTube channel last night and really enjoyed it. BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO QUIT SMOKING, SHEEN! If you watch the latest video on his channel, you'll know why I said that.

But at least he's giving kudos to those who partake of the herbish at his shows. THAT'S NOT GOING TO CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT THE SMOKES, HOWEVER!

"Wild Thing (hack, hack, hack)...You make my nose sting (cough, cough, cough)...You make everything stinky (retch)...Wild Thing."

:P THBzzzt!

Right now is probably not the most ideal time for Charlie to quit smoking. But it sure would give him a meaner edge at his shows.

Yeah, I can just see Charlie, after a week without his cigs, striding out onto the stage with an Airsoft Sniper gun and shouting: "Hey, ya'll...Heckle THIS!"

He'd just sit down in a chair, with that weapon in his hands, and loudly declare: "I used to stutter...now I point and shoot!"

(Aiming at the crowd): "Does anybody here want a demonstration?"

Have fun in Columbus, Ohio, Charlie. It's a great city with a genuine emphasis on The Arts and student drinking. You'll probably love it.

If you stay focused and don't get stupid, you might eventually, maybe, possibly...end up hitting for the cycle by the end of your tour....with or without target practice.

Detroit Free Press: Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...

Screw Drew?

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