Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comfy, Charlie?

New York Magazine: Two-and-a-half-Begs

Toronto Sun: What Canada Learned About Charlie

The Washington Times Calls Grampa Sheen, "Mister"

Scripts get old, people age, too...something new comes give it up, Charlie. You're not getting your role back on that wrung-out forget it.

Go on with your oddball "Tinker-Toy Tour", instead and just enjoy yourself...after all, you're padding down a predictable path. You've shifted gears and what began as a "!Tiger Blood! *Wild Thing* Extravaganza" has now diminished to a "Comfy Chair Coffee Chat With Charlie."

Now isn't that nice?

But that bipolar parade bit is going to get boring, fast.

So come up with something astounding, real quick, you Wanker Warlock, or I'm gonna change the channel. And I doubt that I'll do that alone.

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