Monday, April 25, 2011

The Eternal Donald Trump Disconnection

CNN:Jerry Seinfeld Turns Trump Off

L.A. Times: Robert De Niro and Charlie Sheen Follow Suit

It's not like I really give a damn what any big name celebrity thinks about Donald Trump. I just believe that The Donald has no business in the Oval office. Unless, of course, he is visiting the President of the United States.

Yeah, Donald Trump is as qualified to be Commander-In-Chief of our Country as Krusty the Klown.

Seriously, people.

I would like to see President Obama's birth certificate, too. But whatever that particular piece of paper declares has no inherent bearing on Barack's ability to lead.

What the current president does has nothing to do with his citizenship status. It has everything to do with who he is as a human being.

And Donald Trump, with the bad hairpiece (or whatever the hell that is on his head), the big mouth and bad marriage track record...needs to stick to Vegas and reality shows.

So saith I.

And who am I to say anything about this subject?

That is precisely my point.

It's obvious that The Donald has no concept of daily living among the masses. That's why he mainly caters to other celebrities in his "Apprentice" shows.

When he gets up in the morning, he doesn't have to worry about whether he's going to have enough gas in his car to last the week. He doesn't have to figure-out how he's going to do the laundry and still get that extra jug of milk for the kids.

Because, the truth is: Donald Trump sits in one of his lofty towers and remains disconnected from every average Jane and Joe in America. He will never, ever represent me. He doesn't have the faintest idea how. And THAT, my good readers, is the bottom line about Mr. Donald Deep Pockets.


A Seattle Times: PERFECT RESPONSE to Donald Trump's allegation.

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