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Even The REAL Tigers Are Embarrassed

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter S, which is used in the words: Sarcastic, Superficial, Sleazeball, Screwed-up, Senseless, Stupid and Sheen.

[Charlie isn't going to be anything but some guy on stage when the audience says, "Okay, Mr. Big Shot: Entertain us!"

Just because he can hold his own online doesn't mean that he's going to get the same reaction when he appears in person. If he doesn't deliver the razzle dazzle, the audience is going to turn on him like a pack of wolves.--From My Post,
"Charlie Sheen: A Change Of Scene?"
Posted On March 20, 2011.]

[If this is just going to be a load of superficial sales pitches put through an onstage spin-cycle...then you might as well forget this whole thing and go back to twitter.--Me, April 4, 2011.]

Video From Opening Night In Detroit

[pam in ca
1:47 AM on April 4, 2011
Very much enjoyed your twitter reporting this evening. And while I wasn't at the show, I suspect your review is the most spot-on I've read so far. With the bar set so low after the Detroit performance, I think most other reporters and columnists are being a bit overly generous in their headlines and stories. I wonder if Charlie's third show will receive any attention whatsoever.--A Reader's Response To Reporter Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times.]

Richard Roeper's Article

An Open Letter To Charlie Sheen:

I began this year by posting several videos by Billy Joel. "The Entertainer" is one of them. Little did I know in January that Joel's song would fit so perfectly with your present situation, now, in April.

It's funny how things come around full-circle, isn't it?

Like how did I know that what I posted on March 20 would end up mirroring what actually happened on your opening night?

How, indeed.

Or how about THIS POST dated March 18?

You've just begun your tour and the related drama is already rising to a spike.

Is that what you planned on?

I'm writing this post because I think that you really want to say something to nobody in particular and everybody in general. But you haven't said it yet. I'm not sure why.

I think that you should speak your mind. You are holding the National microphone right now. This is your chance. Pull yourself together and make your feelings known.

There is another entertainer that is touring around the Country right now. And that person, is, of course, the legendary Sir Elton John. I wonder if you have ever personally met him. I think it would be very cool if you did.

Elton John became famous when you were still just a snot-nosed brat. Throughout his career, which has spanned over four decades, he brought outrageous to a whole new level. He still is.

But Elton has coupled that with a very major talent. You could learn some performance lessons from him, Charlie. Because when it comes to capturing and entertaining an audience, Elton John has got all of the bases covered.

Elton has performed with Billy Joel. They're obviously both piano men.

So why don't you have good music like that in your show?

I'm getting the impression that the music that you are providing to the audience isn't all that great. The media is continuing to gloss over it and so... It sounds (no pun intended) to me like you need to make some musical changes in your act.

What age bracket are you trying to reach, anyway?

I've been wondering about that.

Elton John is an older man now than when he recorded music back in the early 70's. But as I posted earlier, Charlie, he still carried his role on SNL last Saturday night. Which is more than Detroit can say for you.

You're going to Ohio soon. And if you think that Detroit was a force to be reckoned with...wait until you take the stage in Cleveland! Whoa!

I know that city very well. In fact, I spent a great deal of time in Ohio last Summer.

Actually, I've been to every city that you're appearing in. And I think it's great that you're using a bus.

But I think that you should stop messing around and make the most of your golden opportunity. Hit or get out of the box, Mr. Major League. Do it while you still have a reason to stay in the game.

P.S.: Contrary to your exit poem, the Universe (at least mine) is not (Charlie's Exit Poem Listed At End Of Article) "stagnant." Perhaps part of your recurring problem lies in how you perceive things...including yourself.


Two great songs by Elton John:

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